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Do you have trouble with Feeling Overwhelmed or Not Having Enough Energy?

Do you Repeatedly Lose ThingsProcrastinate or have Trouble Concentrating?   

Do you have Trouble Sleeping

If you think you have issues with the following, click the link for more information: Depression, ADHD?


The following are procedures regarding therapy in case of mandatory evacuation for a hurricane.  Please make sure you've worked out with her psychiatrist the supply of medications. Please make sure if evacuation is extended that you contact a local psychiatrist or doctor. to make sure that your medications are refilled in a timely manner.  Will can be contacted and appointments can be scheduled by calling: 504.358.0377.  If the phone systems are out you can contact will by calling:

You can also contact will by emailing will@arenhealth.com

If evacuation last longer than five days, Will is available for your next scheduled appointment over the Internet instead of the office.

  Will can continue therapy sessions via the Internet. Please download the program VSEE:   


VSEE can be used on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Windows, and Apple computers.  Once you have VSEE loaded on machine of your choice, please set up an account.  You search for will on the VSEE network by searching for will@helpneworleans.com 


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