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Do you have trouble with Feeling Overwhelmed or Not Having Enough Energy?

Do you Repeatedly Lose ThingsProcrastinate or have Trouble Concentrating?   

Do you have Trouble Sleeping

If you think you have issues with the following, click the link for more information: Depression, ADHD?

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William Arendell started working with children with Attention Deficit Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder using neurofeedback and biofeedback in 1996 at the Institute for Neurobiofeedback and Barclay Family Care in Michigan. Will developed a reputation for being able to work with more difficult children, many with severe emotional problems, and adults experiencing difficulty with insomnia, depression and stress. During this time he also worked as a social worker for the Open Door in downtown Detroit with homeless who were afflicted with addiction. Will conducted a study with Oakland University and the Institute for Inner Resources which was the first to use neurofeedback to treat those afflicted with heroin and crack addiction. Will completed his masters in Social Work at Arizona State University while living part time in New Orleans. In 2005, Will came to live full-time in New Orleans before being displaced to Boston by Hurricane Katrina. While in Boston, Will worked at Women's Hope, an addiction treatment center for women, and also conducted stress reduction workshops for hospitals and mental health workers. In January 2006, Will returned to New Orleans and took a position at Bridge House, one of the largest residential treatment centers in Louisiana. He enjoyed helping rebuild the clinical program at the treatment center after Hurricane Katrina and became their clinical director. Will left Bridge House and once again began to work with children with severe behavioral problems alongside teachers and adults having difficulties with anxiety and sleep.  Will currently works in private practice in New Orleans.  Will also conducts training for beginners and advanced students who want to learn stage hypnosis. 




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