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Do you have trouble with Feeling Overwhelmed or Not Having Enough Energy?

Do you Repeatedly Lose ThingsProcrastinate or have Trouble Concentrating?   

Do you have Trouble Sleeping

If you think you have issues with the following, click the link for more information: Depression, ADHD?

Mindfulness skills group

For information and questions call 504.358.0377


Mindfulness is a process of cultivating moment to moment awareness shown to be helpful in greatly reducing stress, and treating anxiety, depression, and personality disorders by creating lasting changes in the brain. This group also offers effective cognitive behavioral skills for dealing with day-to-day issues.  

A commitment to self-practice while away from the group is required to get the full benefits of the program and we will work together to overcome the barriers that many people have with self-practice.   

The group will meet Saturdays from 1pm to 2:45pm, February 21st through April 18th. The group will not meet April 11th.

Cost of the group will be $500 per person. Insurance is not accepted and space is limited. 

For more information or to start the group please call 504.358.0377


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