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2017 Memory Reconsolidation Training April 1st and 2nd!


2017 Memory Reconsolidation Training April 1st and 2nd!


Treating Trauma Through Memory Reconsolidation

Unconsolidated memories are powerful emotional memories that fade very little over time.  They do not fade because of the special way that they are retrieved and then restored.  These memories have a great impact on people's lives and are the driving force behind emotional trauma. Unconsolidated memories influence role in everything from procrastination to depression.  In this two day training, participants will learn to take the pain out of unconsolidated memories through a process called memory reconsolidation.   The idea of consolidating memory has been around since Roman times, but new research allows us to achieve memory reconsolidation and change the way memories are stored without drugs or special tools.  The Memory Reconsolidation Tools Training will teach the natural conditions where memory reconsolidation can take place consistently and reliably.  Because the training will teach how memory reconsolidation happens, participants will be able to adapt the process to their existing therapeutic methods.  Come join this fun interactive training!

Registration is $200.

What you will learn:

A method to consistently and effectively create memory reconsolidation in your therapy sessions.

How to integrate memory consolidation into your existing practice.

If you practice EMDR, this is a different form of memory reconsolidation that is not based on eye movements.  

April 1st and 2nd 2017 from 9am to 4:30pm

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